Chapter 10

Glassers problem solving approach beginning with his

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Unformatted text preview: alance between 39 providing students the necessary freedom to explore and learn, and providing safe environments where students’ behaviors don’t interfere with the learning processes. Enriching Your Understanding 10.2 provides one suggestion of how to involve students in setting those types of rules. Learning to be Self-Responsible Through Problem-Solving From a constructivist perspective, students acquire important understandings through their efforts at solving authentic problems. Classroom management could be viewed as an opportunity to involve students in problem solving about their own classroom behavior. William Glasser’s problem solving approach provides a structure for that type of experience. Glasser’s problem solving approach. Beginning with his book Schools Without Failure (Glasser, 1969) and continuing with his later work on Control Theory, Choice Theory, and Quality Schools (Glasser, 1986, 1990, 1998), William Glasser has become one of the most recognized names in classroom management (Tauber, 1999). A...
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