Chapter 10

I do the typical classroom rules meeting but i also

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Unformatted text preview: p; Cassel, 1990; Glasser, 1969; Nakamura, 2000). • Participants, including the teacher, should be seated in a circle to demonstrate equal rights and responsibility to participate (Glasser, 1969; Jones & Jones, 2000). • There should be a specific plan or agenda for the classroom meeting. It broadens participation if students can have input into the agenda (Jones & Jones, 2001; Nakamura, 2000). • Rules should be established for participation and should be committed to by participants. Rules might include the following. “Only one person talks at a time; the rest listen.” “Stick to the point.” “There are no wrong answers.” (Glasser, 1969; Jones & Jones, 2001). • Students should be afforded the right to chair meetings (Nakamura, 2000). 47 This is how Elaine Kubota uses classroom meetings at the beginning of the year in her fifth grade class. • “I do the typical classroom rules meeting, but I also schedule some meetings where we discuss topics of interest to students. I use them so tha...
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