Chapter 10

I make sure i am firm but courteous overcorrection is

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Unformatted text preview: n punishment. Reprimands tend to be more effective if teachers establish eye contact with students, reduce physical distance between themselves and the student, deliver them privately, and if reprimands are paired with other punishments such as loss of privileges (Bear, 1998; Kerr & Nelson, 1998). This is how Tom Konstantine administers reprimands to his first graders. • ‘When I need to talk with a student about his behavior, I go to his desk and kneel so that we are at eye-level. I make sure I am firm, but courteous.” Overcorrection is a type of presentation punishment based on the principle of contingent effort (Foxx & Azrin, 1972). Contingent effort is when students must exert themselves as a consequence of their behavior. To be effective, the exertion should be connected logically to the effects of the behavior, and should help students understand the effects of their misbehavior. Effective overcorrection, therefore, has similar characteristics to a strategy we will discuss later called logical consequences (Porter, 2000). Restitut...
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