Chapter 10

Identify the problem this is accomplished through the

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Unformatted text preview: lthough his work has evolved over a number of years, he has consistently recommended that schools need to be places where students want to be, and that students need to be involved in classroom management processes. His desire to include students in classroom management is fundamental to his steps for effective problem-solving conferences with students (Glasser, 1969). This approach is a way for teachers and students to work 40 together to solve management problems in the classroom, and consists of the following steps. • Be personal. Students are more likely to become involved with adults whom they care about and who care about them. This step actually occurs both before and during the problem solving steps. • Identify the problem. This is accomplished through the question “What are you doing?” Ask students to talk about what they are currently doing, and get them to focus on their behavior in this particular situation. • Ask for a value judgment. Ask students to evaluate the outcomes of their behavior. Ask q...
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