Chapter 10

In the case of generalization you would determine if

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Unformatted text preview: line levels of behavior. However, maintenance and generalization are two additional considerations in monitoring the success of an intervention. In the case of maintenance, you are checking to see if the behavior change continues once the intervention has stopped. In the case of generalization, you would determine if the behavior change is observable in environments other than the environment in which the 15 intervention occurred. For example, does a behavior change initiated in a math class transfer to other classes? Principle 2.2: Learning Is Gradual and Step by Step Principle 2.2 reminds us that complicated behaviors may take time to be learned or changed. Therefore, you will need to implement behavior change programs that emphasize improvement rather than perfection. This can be accomplished by applying the behavioral idea of shaping, which is the reinforcement of gradual improvement. For example, for a student who never turns in homework, returning the next homework assignment is improvement that you reinforce. If a student has gotten in trouble...
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