Chapter 10

Keith et al 1999 provide some interesting discussion

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Unformatted text preview: le in establishing (Keith, Puzerewski & Raczynski, 1999; Murdick & Petch-Hogan, 1996; Rich, 1984). Keith et al. (1999) provide some interesting discussion starters for involving students in establishing classroom rules. Even if you decide not to involve students in setting rules, these sentence starters are also helpful for identifying key areas of classroom life for which rules would be useful. As you consider these sentence starters, think about how you might modify them to fit the classroom environment you want to establish. • BE PREPARED...I should have... • BE RESPECTFUL...which means... • BE ON TIME...I should... • BE POSITIVE...when I am... • BE POLITE...which means... Classroom Procedures If we are not careful, we can waste considerable amounts of academic time on administrative tasks like taking roll or transitioning students from one activity to another. To prevent this, effective teachers help their students learn classroom procedures during the first few days of class (Rathvon, 1999; Moskew...
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