Chapter 10

Knowing that some middle school students may be

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Unformatted text preview: ructivist teacher strives to provide a developmentally appropriate educational experience. In terms of classroom management, teachers consider how developmental research and theory inform classroom management practices. Learners’ Developmental Characteristics and Classroom Management An understanding of the typical developmental characteristics of your students can help you make better classroom management decisions, particularly in terms of preventing some discipline problems. For example, knowing that very young children tend to have limited attention spans and restricted vocabularies, you can frequently vary your instructional activities, and make sure that directions are appropriately worded. Young adolescents are going through a period of rapid physical, cognitive, and social/personal changes (Manning, 2002). Knowing that some middle school students may be experiencing “growing pains” as they enter 44 puberty will help you understand the importance of allowing these students to get up and move around from time to time. Also, knowing that young adolescents are preoccupied with their sense of self and peer relationships may cause you to discipline in private to avoid embarrassment. Mr. Greyso...
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