Chapter 10

Principle 61 the successful completion of challenging

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Unformatted text preview: e mediator. The ground rules usually stress the importance of mutual respect. • Next, by focusing on the participants’ interests and needs, an attempt is made to find common interests in the situation being negotiated. • Next, an attempt is made to brainstorm win-win options to resolve the conflict. What solutions will help each party meet their needs? • The various options are weighed and evaluated. 49 • An agreement is reached and committed to by the involved parties. Motivation Theory and Classroom Management Students’ motivation is connected to their classroom behavior in many complicated ways. In general, however, providing a motivating classroom environment is one more way to prevent discipline problems. The principles of motivation theory that were developed in Chapter 6 provide a basis for understanding how motivation theory can be connected to important classroom management concerns. Principle 6.1: The Successful Completion of Challenging Tasks. Principle 6.1 addresses the importance of providing students with moderately challenging tasks at which they can succeed. When teachers fail to provide appropriately challenging t...
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