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Principle 63 specific near term goals 51 earlier in

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Unformatted text preview: cceed at school. If they do not have their basic physiological and safety needs met, it’s hard for them to concentrate on academics.. Glasser (1986) also identified five basic needs. The first need is the need to survive or reproduce, which is similar to Maslow’s physiological and safety needs. A second basic need suggested by Glasser is the need to belong and give and receive love. Students want to feel that their teachers care about them, and they have a need to care about others. A third need is the need for fun. A fourth need is the need for power. Students need to feel that they have control over at least some of what happens to them. You may find that this need is particularly strong in young adolescents. Finally, students have a freedom need, or a need to be free of the control of others. All of these needs are important to consider, but you may want to pay special attention to the need to belong and the need for power. Principle 6.3: Specific Near-term Goals . 51 Earlier in the chapter, we discussed a number of ideas that are relevant to thinking about goal setting and classroom management. The proc...
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