Chapter 10

Refrain from showing pity encourage and support

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Unformatted text preview: ther classroom. In a time-out room Most severe form of timeout Age Range of Student Varies depending on the particular technique. Elementary and Secondary Originally for elementary age students-can be adapted for secondary students. Elementary Elementary and Secondary Elementary and Secondary 59 Table 10.3. Adlerian Goals of Misbehavior Student’s Goal Attention Student’s Faulty Belief “I need people’s attention to feel good about myself. “I need to be in control to feel good about myself.” Teacher’s Reaction Teacher feels irritated or annoyed. Revenge “I want others to be hurt the way I’ve been hurt.” Hurt Display of Inadequacy “I will never be Hopeless able to Desire to pity succeed.” student Power Teacher feels angry and/or threatened. Possible Interventions Ignore misbehavior. Use logical consequence. Provide attention when student is appropriate. Chose fights carefully. Provide limited choices. Remain calm. Use logical consequences. Provide Logical Consequences. Refrain from hurting back. Form a relationship. Refrain from showing pity. Encourage and support student. 60 Chapter 10 Figures Figure 10.1. An Example of A Contingency Contract I have met with _______________ and together we have come up with this goal. If ________________can ________________________________________________________ by_______________________ Then ___________________can earn____________________________________________________ _______ _____...
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