Chapter 10

Removal punishment removal punishment occurs when a

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Unformatted text preview: er of factors to consider in using overcorrection, including the time and supervision requirements, the possibility that students may find the additional attention reinforcing, and difficulty you may have in identifying a reasonable and potent overcorrection behavior (Henderson, French, & Fritsch, 2000). Finally, because this is an intervention that may have low acceptability by parents, you should contact parents before instituting an overcorrection process (Jones, Eyberg, Adams & Boggs, 1998). Removal punishment. Removal punishment occurs when a student’s behavior is made less likely to occur because of the loss of something the student values. Response cost and time-out are two commonly used removal punishment techniques in the classroom. 27 Response cost is when students lose earned reinforcers because they have engaged in misbehaviors (Azrin & Holz, 1966, Kazdin, 1994; Reid, 1999). The term fine is sometimes used as a synonym for response cost. Response cost procedures work well when...
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