Chapter 10

Setting events are external or internal stimuli that

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Unformatted text preview: e them or reinforce them in some meaningful way. Then periodically reinforce students to remind them of the connection between the prompt and the reinforcement. 17 A fourth way to think about antecedents is to manage the effects of setting events on students’ classroom behavior. Setting events are external or internal stimuli that simultaneously control a wide range of antecedents, behaviors, and consequences (Kantor, 1959; Mahon, Shores, & Buske, 1999; Sulzar-Azaroff & Mayer, 1991). They tend to alter the effects that environmental stimuli have on students’ behavior, and they explain the sometimes erratic behavior of students (Dadson & Horner, 1993; Fox, 1990), Time of day, physical layout of a classroom, classroom temperature and lighting, amount of sleep a student had the night before, previous interactions with students and adults, social composition of a classroom, and family risk factors are all examples of setting events (Conroy & Fox, 1994; Gable & Hendrickson, 1992; Kennedy &am...
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