Chapter 10

She designates a part of the room for each number if

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Unformatted text preview: ow to access materials for the assignment. For example, Chris Clark, a secondary history teacher, assigns students a number from one to six at the beginning of class. She designates a part of the room for each number. If students have that number, that is their group and assigned work space. • Other Repetitive Classroom events: Teachers may reduce the negative effects of activities like fire drills, lock-downs, or entering and leaving the classroom by providing their students with advanced guidance and information about these types of events. John Miller, a second grade teacher, puts a letter to his students on the door every Monday. It basically welcomes them back, informs them of any 9 special events that are going to happen that day, and tells them what they should be doing when they enter the classroom. The second step in establishing a routine is to teach it to your students. With secondary students, this may be as simple as modeling the procedure and providing reminders until it becomes familiar to them. The modeling for younger students might involve actually role-playing the exp...
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