Chapter 10

Teachers can manage key setting events in the

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Unformatted text preview: p; Itkonen, 1993).. Consider Ms. Budolf’s experience with a setting event and a student in her junior high science class. • “John has his bad and good days. He really has problems on the Fridays before and the Mondays after he visits his dad. Almost nothing that typically works with John, works on those days.” Teachers can manage key setting events in the classroom in a number of ways (Conroy & Fox, 1994). First, you may consider modifying the physical setting of your classroom. If you have students who easily distracted, you might reduce the number of competing visual stimuli such as posters or displays in a class. Second, you can modify your schedule. For example, you might alternate 18 high-energy social activities with quiet reflection and personal study time to allow students to calm down from the first activity. Third, you might make curricular modifications such as making sure that learning activities are at an appropriate level for students. Fourth, you might make social modifications such as assigning students who encourage each other to mi...
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