Chapter 10

Teachers who use the authoritative leadership style

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Unformatted text preview: n applies his understanding of development in the following way in his high school speech classes. • “Many of my students are very sensitive to the opinions of their peers. We spend the first few days talking about their fears of speaking in front of their peers. It seems to help them to know others feel as they do.” Authoritative Leadership. McClasin and Good (1992) credit Baumrind’s (1971, 1980) developmental research as the basis for their view of classroom management as “authoritative leadership” (p. 11). According to Baumrind, parents with an authoritative style set firm and clear limits, express warmth and concern for their children, are more consistent with their discipline, are more likely to provide explanations for their discipline actions, and are more likely to listen to their children during discipline. Teachers who use the authoritative leadership style are similar to authoritative parents in that they establish clear expectations and enforce them, involve students in decision-making, demonstrate warmth and acceptance, and disc...
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