Chapter 10

The classroom meeting a classroom meeting provides an

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Unformatted text preview: ipline in a consistent manner. The authoritative parenting 45 style is generally associated with positive outcomes for children (Feldman, 2000). Similarly, the ability of teachers to hold high expectations and to limit negative feedback or lack of nurturance is correlated with positive social and academic outcomes for early adolescents (Wentzel, 2002). Principle 5.3: Knowledge Construction And Interactions with People. From a social constructivist perspective, students construct knowledge through their interactions with other people. Classrooms are viewed as communities in which students collaborate to build understanding, and classroom management is the process of helping students socialize into the learning community (Brophy, 1999). This involves teaching students how to work together to resolve classroom management issues. The Classroom Meeting A classroom meeting provides an opportunity for students to talk with each other and to share in the governance of the classroom. According to Nakamura (2000) classroom meetings provide an opportunity for students to participate...
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