Chapter 10

You can use that information to provide additional

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Unformatted text preview: sbehave to different classes Key setting events that occur or exist outside of the classroom such as family interaction patterns may be difficult for teachers to manage. Sometimes, however, if you communicate with parents, they can let you know when a student’s day is getting of to a rough start (Dadson & Horner, 1993). You can use that information to provide additional support to that students. Ms. Budolf used this technique with John. • “When John’s parents alert me to a possible bad day, I make extra efforts to meet John as he comes into the classroom, and to schedule activities at the beginning of class that are likely to engage him.” Reinforcement Approaches to Classroom Management A number of strategies are available for using secondary reinforcers in your classroom. When employed correctly, they can help you establish a positive approach to classroom management. Contingency contracting. With contingency contracting, you and your students negotiate behavioral goals and the environmental support for meeting those goals. A contingency contract is the product of these negotiations that 19 minimally specifies the students’ behavioral goals...
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