Chapter 10

You may want to model the system or have a practice

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Unformatted text preview: rocedures. • Establish and explain a record-keeping system. Teachers’ experiences with implementing token reinforcement systems and classroom research on token reinforcement systems have identified the following guidelines for their use: • When possible, involve your students in the design of the token system. Minimally, make sure your students understand the rules and procedures of the system thoroughly. You may want to model the system or have a practice run before you implement the system. 21 • When selecting your back-up reinforcers, try not to use classroom activities that you want all students to participate in regardless of their behavior (Williams, Williams & McLaughlin, 1989). For example, it would be inappropriate to use access to the class computer as a reinforcer, but you could use bonus time with the computer as a reinforcer. • When selecting tokens, it is important to select tokens that are difficult to counterfeit (Alberto & Troutman, 1999). For example, students can buy paper clips or poker chips on their own and it makes them easy to counterfeit. It might be better to use a token that you can mark i...
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