Chapter 10

Provided to the student 58 table 102 commonly used

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Unformatted text preview: Contract should contain a description of the reinforcement that can be earned. • Optionally, the contract may include penalties for noncompletion, or added incentives for exceeding the requirements of the contract. Considerations for the Contingency Contracting Process • Students and teachers should select the target behavior together. • contract (Shaping). The contract should include the • On occasion less formal methods signatures of the involved parties. • The contract should include time • limits for completion. • Students and teachers should participate together in selecting the reinforcement. Reinforcement should be contingent on completing the contract, and should be provided immediately after the contract is completed. Reinforcement should be reasonable for the effort required. Set short-term goals and re-new the like a handshake may be used. The contract should identify any • Involve people, like parents, if they environmental support that will be can help the student succeed. provided to the student. • • • 58 Table 10.2 Commonly Used Types of Time-Out. Type of TimeOut Non-seclusionary time-out • Planned Ignoral • Contingent Observation (Sit and Watch) • Time-Out R...
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