C learning activities for young children should

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Unformatted text preview: different from concrete operational thought? a. Formal operational thought is more egocentric than concrete operational thought. b. Formal operational thought is more abstract and hypothetical than concrete operational thought. c. Formal operational thought develops in children before concrete operational thought. 57 d. Formal operational thought tends to be more intuitive than concrete operational thought. 5. Which one of the following educational recommendations is most inconsistent with Piagetian theory? a. Young children learn most effectively when lessons are presented primarily through lecture. b. Children should work with other children to solve problems. c. Learning activities for young children should involve concrete experiences. d. Learning experiences should be designed to challenge students’ misunderstandings. 6. Which one of the following is an example of a psychological tool? a. a gardening hoe b. a word-processing program c. an electric saw d. microwave oven 7. Which one of the following is an example of Vygotsky’s general law of development? a. A student acquires the reading strategies of a more skilled reader by interacting with that more skilled learner. 58 b. Students change their opinions about an idea based on their own private experiences with that idea. c. Students must represent knowledge physically before they can represent that same knowledge symbolically. d. Students may have difficulty in complicated problem-solving activities because they are overwhelmed by the complexities. 8. Vygotsky referred to the distance between what a leaner can accomplish alone and what that same learner can accomplish with the help of a more skilled learner as the: a. general law of development b. zone of proximal development c. internalization 9, Bruner’s idea of thought amplifiers is similar to Vygotsky’s idea of: a. egocentric speech b. the general law of development c. psychological tools a. the zone of proximal development 10. The constructivist idea that learning needs to occur in authentic or real-world contexts with the guidance of others is: a. psychological constructivism. b. distributed cognition. 59 c. metacognition. d. situated cognition. Constructed Response Items Short Answer/Completion Items 1. An infant’s understanding that items continue to exist even when they are out of the infant’s sight is _____________. 2. You have two identical beakers with the same amount of liquid in each. After having an eight-year-old verify the equality, you pour the contents of one beaker into a third beaker that is taller and skinnier than the first two. You ask if this beaker has more water or the same amount as the first two. This child says they are the same because no water was added or removed. This child has used ______________ to explain his answer. 3. In guided discovery, teachers help students develop their own understanding by prompting and guiding students’ thinking. This type of teaching is an example of ___________. 4. W...
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