Its very important to do this next step correctly

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Unformatted text preview: 4. Ben places a list of steps for editing a paper up so that his English students can refer to it when they edit. What type of model is he using? a. live model b. symbolic model c. verbal description d. enactive 5. A child learns the new behavior of throwing temper tantrums from watching another child. Which modeling effect is this? a. inhibitory effect b. disinhibitory effect c. response facilitation d. observational learning 6. While demonstrating how to do a math problem, Ms. Begay says to students, “Really be careful here. It’s very important to do this next step correctly.” Which observational learning process is she trying to influence? a. attention b. retention c. production 48 d. motivation 7. John believes he is a good student because he has always done well, and his teachers have told him he is a good student. What two sources for determining self-efficacy is he using? a. vicarious and direct experiences b. physiological responses and direct experiences c. verbal persuasion and vicarious experiences d. verbal persuasion and direct experiences 8. Gregory places a mark on an index card every time he raises his hand before speaking. What self-regulation activity is this? a. self-reinforcement b. self-instruction c. self-monitoring 9. When Gregory solves math problems, he begins by asking himself, “What type of problem is this? Does it look like one I’ve done before?’ What form of selfinstruction is this? a. problem definition b. focusing attention c. coping and self-control d. self-reinforcement 49 10. Paul sees his friends break the rules and leave the playground during recess. They don’t get in trouble, so he joins them the next time. This is an example of the: a. response facilitation effect b. disinhibitory effect c. inhibitory effect d. observational learning effect Constructed Response Items Short Answer/Completion Items 1. Bandura’s idea that people and their environment mutually influence each other is _____________. 2. The ability to take a future orientation by setting goals and making plans is referred to by Bandura as____________. 3. Sally...
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