Evenx 1 if x is even evenx 0 if x is odd you may

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Unformatted text preview:   ~A: can be non- re. If ~A is always re, then all re are recursive as any set that is re and whose complement is re is decidable. However, A = K is a non- rec, re set and so ~A is not re. 2/23/14 © UCF EECS 2 Sample Ques+on#3 3.  Present a demonstra+on that the even func+on is primi+ve recursive. even(x) = 1 if x is even even(x) = 0 if x is odd You may assume only that the base func+ons are prf and that prf’s are closed under a finite number of applica+ons of composi+on and primi+ve recursion. DONE in class. 2/23/14 © UCF EECS 3 Sample Ques+on#4 4.  Given that the predicate STP and the func+on VALUE are prf’s, show that we can semi- decide { f | ϕf evaluates to 0 for some input} This can be shown re by the predicate...
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