CS280 Exam1 Practice Problems Solutions Spring2014

Re string 1 a za za z0 9 bleeee012r the

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Unformatted text preview: E Exercises 2 The table below gives pairs of regular expressions and strings. In all cases, the regular expression does NOT match the string. Circle the first character in the string where the mismatch occurs. RE String 1 [A- Z][a- zA- Z0- 9]* BleEee012_r the underscore 2 [^aeiou]*[aeiou]+[^aeiou]* Yetanotherone 3 0x[a- zA- Z]+ 0xdeadB0a 4 [a- z][0- 9]?[a- z] alpha25numeric 5 [a- z]+[0- 9]?[a- z]* alpha25numeric CS280 RE...
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