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Unformatted text preview: 50 points, 90 minutes Considering only Bank A, Bank B, and Bobby, discuss who gets what and why. Be sure to: *consider who might assert a property interest in each of the 10 items *identify the nature and extent of all such interests *explain the basis upon which each entity may assert such interests *explain which if any of such interests are valid, and explain why or why not. *to the extent that more than one entity holds a valid interest in any item of property you have identified, discuss whose property interest has priority and why. Be specific. Q2B: 50 points, 30 minutes YOUR ADVICE: Please discuss (i) what, if anything, you would advise Bobby to do now, (ii) what, if anything, you would advise Bobby to have done differently or to do differently in the future, and (iii) answer Booby’s question: “If I have to give any of this to Bank A or Bank B, do they have to pay me back what I paid for it?” EXAM QUESTIONS -- PAGE 4 OF 5 Question Three (25 POINTS) Suggested Time: 15 minutes ASSUME: (1) California law applies (2) no...
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