Scheduled tests each of the three scheduled tests

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Unformatted text preview: of the scheduled events are to be approved in advance by the instructor; otherwise, the approval may require a proof of emergency. Scheduled tests. Each of the three scheduled tests will contain the following: ■ Problems 1 & 2: These are similar to the homework or example problems. To receive full credit, your solutions need to include pertinent sketches or diagrams, setup of equations, solutions, and final answers with appropriate number of significant digits as well as correct units. (60 points) ■ Problem 3: Multiple-choice questions with different numbers are given to students. Grading is based on the correct choices you circled on the test sheet. (20 points, no partial credit ) ■ Problem 4: Non-numerical problem, covering descriptions of terms, laws, and principles, or derivations of formulas; given in the meeting preceding the test (20 points) ■ Contingent bonus points: To be explained in class. Final examination. The final examination will be a review exam that consists of ten multiple-choice problems. Grades. Except involvement in academic dishonesty or an unusual case (e.g., lack of civility or breach of decorum in class),...
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