Nutrition During Lactation-2

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Unformatted text preview: – – – Grains, 8 ounces Vegetables, 3 cups Fruits, 2 cups Milk, 3 cups Meats & beans, 6.5 ounces Oil, 7 teaspoons Energy and Nutrient Energy and Nutrient Needs for Lactation • Energy needs vary by activity level • DRI is 500 kcal/day for the 1st 6 months & 400 kcal/d afterward to allow for gradual weight loss* • 670 kcal/day for milk production *NCM accessed 9/21/11 Maternal Energy Balance and Milk Maternal Energy Balance and Milk Composition • Protein­calorie malnutrition • Requirements* • 65 gm/day for first 6 months • 62 gm/day for 6+ months • Weight loss during breastfeeding • • • • Goal for 0.8 kg/month Reach pregravid weight by 12 months postpartum 500 kcal deficit/day Careful attention to calcium and vitamin D intake *NCM accessed 9/21/11 Exercising and Breastfeeding Exercising and Breastfeeding • Modest energy restriction combined with increased activity may help women lose weight & body fat • Exercise does not inhibit milk production or infant growth • Aerobic activity enhances fatty acid mobilization • Restriction in energy intake enhances prolactin Other Factors of Maternal Diet Other Factors of Maternal Diet • Fluids • 8­12 cups of fluid/day* • Alternative diets – Type of diet determines supplement that may be needed • Vegans – B12, iron, calcium, vitamin D • Components of maternal diet may be linked to colic. – Culprit foods: cow’s milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, & fish NCM accessed 9/21/11 Factors Influencing Breastfeeding Initiation Factors Influencing Breastfeeding Initiation and Duration • Obesity and breastfeeding – Overweight & obesity prior to pregnancy & excess prenatal weight gain breastfeed for shorter duration • Socioeconomic – Both low­income & more affluent mothers need breastfeeding support Barriers to Breastfeeding Initiation Embarrassment Time & social constraints Lack of support from family & friends • Lack of confidence • Concerns about diet & he...
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