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Unformatted text preview: for breastfeeding success Attachment Infant will open his mouth wide & should be brought to the breast with the nipple centered in his mouth. Process called latching on. The Breastfeeding Infant The Breastfeeding Infant • Identifying hunger and satiety – Hunger – Crying – Allow infant to nurse on one breast as long as they want to ensure they get hindmilk with its high fat content that provides satiety • Note: High lactose content of foremilk may cause diarrhea The Breastfeeding Infant The Breastfeeding Infant • Feeding frequency – 10­12 feedings/day are normal for newborns – Stomach emptying occurs in ~1½ hours • Vitamin supplements for breastfeeding infants – Vitamin K – Vitamin D—exclusively breastfed infants need supplements of 400 IU within 2­3 days of birth Typical Number of Feedings • Mitchell, Nutrition Across the Life Span 1997 Age Newborn 1 month 2-3 months 3-6 months 7-12 months Number of Volume per Feedings Feeding 6-10 6-8 5-6 4-5 3-4 2-3 oz 3-4 oz 5-6 oz 4-7 oz 7-8 oz Identifying Breastfeeding Malnutrition Identifying Breastfeeding Malnutrition • Normal weight loss for newborns • ~7% of birthweight in 1st week • Weight loss of 10% needs evaluation by lactation consultant • Malnourished infants become sleepy, non­responsive, have a weak cry, & wet few diapers – By day 5 to 7, infants should have 6 wet diapers & 3­4 soiled diapers Failure to Thrive (FTT) in the Breastfeeding Infant • Maternal Causes – Inadequate milk production • Hyperthyroidism, excessive antihistamine use, insufficient development of alveolar tissues, excessive caffeine use, illness, poor diet, retained placental fragment, fatigue – Poor Let-down • Stress, anxiety, some drugs, hypertension, smoking Tooth Decay Tooth Decay • Caries can occur in children who are breastfed • Risk factor is frequent nursing at night after 1 year • All children should be seen by dentist 6 months after 1st tooth erupts or at 1 year of age Maternal Diet Maternal Diet • Based on My Plate, a breast­feeding woman needs ~2,400 calories with diet to include: – – –...
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