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ucxmidtermprepfall2002 Asian American History Midterm Instructor: Parayno I Define the following bolded terms 1. Typings McDuffey Act (1934) limited 50 people per year quota for Filipino immigration and promised independence for the Philippines in 10 years. i 2. Treaty of Khangwa(1876) T 3. Meiji Restoration of 1868 Japan decides to industrialize and restore the Emperor E 4. U.S. v. Bhagat Singh Thind (1923) U 5. Gentlemen's Agreement Act 1907 Japan agrees to restrict labor immigration in exchange for Japanese students being able to go to white schools in America A 6. HSPA Hawaii Sugar Plantation Association (pull factor in Chinese immigration) i 7. Tadao Ozawa vs. U.S. (1923) T 8. People v. Hall(1854) P 9. Ghadr Party G 10. California Alien Land Act of 1920 C 11. Kenjinkai and Nihonjinkai K 12. Treaty of Tientsin of 1860 T 13. Salvador Roldan v. LA County (1933) S 14. Chinese Exclusion Act (1882) US restricted labor immigration based solely on race (dramatically decreased the Chinese population) ( 15. Ethnic Antagonism Opposition against ethnic groups E 16. Naturilization Act of 1790 N 17. Picture Brides P 18. "Paper sons" The Chinese often times had to fake relatives for immigration
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midterm_2 - ucxmidtermprepfall2002 Asian American History...

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