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Lecture – 9.18.03 Immigration 1> push-pull approach 2> unequal relationship between east and west a. NE America- Industrial/manufacturing – white workers b. S America – plantation – blacks c. West – frontier economy – Asians 3> Chinese a. Tradition of seasonal migration b. British imperialism ( Extraterritoritality –where laws of a foreign country don’t apply to you.) i.Treaty of Nan King 1842 – forced China to open more gates for
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Unformatted text preview: trade 1. no tariffs on British goods, more competition for the Chinese in their own market 4> Japanese a. Brought over as a response to the Chinese Exclusion b. Responding > Meiji Restoration 1864- industrialization/modernization of Japan to catch up to the west. c. ⇑ land dispossession d. ⇑ land tenants e. ⇑ wage workers f. proletarianization g. dekasegi...
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