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Opposes change in flux lr circuit time constant on

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Unformatted text preview: B⋅ d = µ0Ithrough solenoid: B = € µ0 NI = µ 0 nI mv⊥ qB Force on a current ­carrying wire F = I × B µI long, straight wire: B = 0 2πd center of a current loop: B = in uniform field: r = µ0 I 2R parallel wires: F µ 0 I1 I 2 = 2πd Torque on current loop dipole moment: τ = µ × B µ Key Formulas 9 Chapter 34: Electromagnetic Induction Magnetic flux Φ m ≡ ∫ B ⋅ dA Φ m = B ⋅ A = BA cos θ (uniform field, flat surface) A µ0 N 2 A solenoid: L = θ B Φ m = BA (uniform field ⊥ to surface) Faraday’s law ε=N dΦ m dt direction given by Lenz’s law: induced current opposes change in flux LR circuit time constant: on: off: LC circuit Q(t ) = A cos(ω 0 t + φ ) ω0 = Inductors dI ε =L (direction from Lenz’s law) dt 1 LC Energy in an inductor U= 12 I L 2 Key Formulas 10 Units from PHYS 151 Quantity Symbol Units (SI) s, x, y meter (m) time t second (s) mass m kilogram (kg) velocity v m/s acceleration a m/s2 force F newton (N) = (kg m)/s2 momentum p (kg m)/s position energy K, U, E joule (J) = N m work W J power P watt (W) = J/s torque τ N m p...
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