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Awilltopower psychoanalyticexplanation

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Unformatted text preview: society” (45) Submissiveness vs. a “will to power” (psychoanalytic explanation) The organized state – makes use of and reinforces these tendencies (builds structures of domination) Nature of power under capitalism (last sentence) 3 forms of power: forms Sanctions/coercion (condign ) Rewards (compensatory) Beliefs (conditioned) – weaker in the face of growing public skepticism? (p.226) 3 sources of power: sources Personality Property Organization (strongest in modern society) Nature of power: Nature Profoundly enjoyed (p.216)!? This must be concealed Depends on conditioning – illusion of autonomy In fact – decreasing autonomy in the “age of organization,” bureaucracy? Blind spot of mainstream economics (p. 225)?...
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