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Youve got this great deal my manager wont allow me to

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Unformatted text preview:   Only reveal part of the obligation at first •  Commit to great deal, then accept worse •  Here’s a new BMW for $25,000 –  Let me just make sure my manager will approve it –  You stew thinking you’ve got this great deal •  “my manager won’t allow me to make that deal” Low-Ball vs. Foot-in-the-Door •  Foot-in-the-door –  Separate requests (small favor, then big) •  Low-ball –  Different parts of a single request/purchase •  Commit to small, then find out its bigger Low-ball Technique “Would you participate in an experiment at 7am?” –  25% compliance •  “Would you participate in an experiment?” Get yes/no. Then, “you’ll be scheduled for 7am. Is that okay?” –  55% compliance Door-in-the-face Technique •  Make a big request and then scale it down •  •  “Would you volunteer an hour?” –  17% compliance •  “Would you volunteer 10 hours?” No. “How about an hour, then?” –  50% compliance –  Latter group shows up more often (85% vs. 50%) 5 Door-in-the-face Technique Rejection increases compliance Williams, Cheung, & Choi, 2000 •  Mechanisms –  Anchoring: respond to relative difference (cheaper) than absolute value (expensive) –  Reciprocity: The persuader is already compromising so you should too 6...
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