Small gametes few days adults are larvae in o

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Unformatted text preview: ersal capabilities. small gametes; few days; adults are larvae in o Planktotrophic (feeding) larvae: most have excellent dispersal capabilities. sessile plankton for o Brooders: crawl away from parents; typically have low dispersal capabilities weeks to months; Marine "protists" (microorganisms) - tend to have broader geographic ranges adults mobile than invertebrates, largely because of very tiny body size Terrestrial vertebrates - babies don't move around much; adults quite mobile; larger size an advantage here Terrestrial invertebrates - insects, spiders are small; can be dispersed (actively or passively) by the wind as adults Terrestrial plants - adults don't move; spores and seeds do Barriers limits to dispersal exist for each type of organism, also related to body size: Can be physiologica...
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