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Unformatted text preview: ions and intoxications Infections Caused by viable organisms ‐ Bacterial Salmonella ‐ Viral Norovirus ‐ Parasitic Anisakiasis Intoxications Caused by preformed toxicants ‐ Natural toxicants ‐ microbial Bacterial toxins Clostridium botulinum ‐ marine toxins Saxitoxins Tetrodotoxin ‐ mushroom toxins Amatoxins Intoxications are caused by preformed toxicants. Live bacteria don’t need to be present in the food. Toxicants can be naturally occurring (microbial, marine, plant origin), or synthetic chemicals. Noroviruses: the most common cause of outbreaks of acute gastroenteritis (“stomach flu”) worldwide. They replicate in the intestine; cannot grow outside of the body. Noroviruses are highly contagious (see “Noroviru...
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