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Unformatted text preview: s” pdf file posted on the course web page). Salmonellosis is an infection caused by bacteria members of the genus Salmonella. There are many strains of Salmonella bacteria. Salmonella are found in the intestinal tract of many animals (poultry, wild birds, reptiles, rodents, farm animals, etc). Salmonella can be transmitted to humans by eating foods and water contaminated with fecal matter. Food may also be contaminated by infected food handlers (inadequate hand washing after using the bathroom). Salmonella enteritidis can be found inside normal‐appearing eggs (laid by hens with infected ovaries, so the eggs are contaminated before the shell is formed). Avoid raw or undercooked eggs, (see McGee p.83). READINGS McGee p.83 “Egg Safety: The Salmonella Problem”, “Precautions” p.125‐126 “Meat and Foodborne Infections”, “Bacterial Infection”, “”Prevention” p. 186‐187 “Parasites”, “Anisakid and Cod Worms” p.260‐261 “Fresh Produce and Food Poisoning” and p.260 box p.313‐2nd paragraph “…Because...
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