Milk rennet whey curd liquid

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Unformatted text preview: seins ~80% proteins in cow’s milk. Form aggregates called micelles. (2) Whey proteins: water soluble, globular proteins (McGee p.19‐21). Cheese Casein and fat from milk are concentrated in the cheese. Cheese keeps much longer than fermented milks. The drier the cheese the longer it keeps. Probably the first cheese was discovered by accident, storing milk in a calf stomach used as a container. This led to curdling, due to the action of rennin, a protease present in the stomach lining of calves. Calf stomach → Rennet; purified form of the enzyme is called rennin or chymosin. MILK Rennet WHEY CURD (liquid) Cheese making ‐basic steps common to most cheese varieties (rennet‐coagulated cheeses; McGee p.59‐61) ‐ acidification (Lactic acid bacteria) ‐ coagulation (rennet) These represent about 75% ‐ dehydration of total cheese production. ‐ salting ‐ ripening READINGS McGee p. 11‐12 “Milk in Europe and Ameri...
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