People with norovirus illness shed billions of virus

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Unformatted text preview: 00) to make you sick. • People with norovirus illness shed billions of virus particles in their stool and vomit and can easily infect others. • You are most contagious when you are sick with norovirus illness and during the first 3 days after you recover. • Norovirus can spread quickly in closed places like daycare centers, nursing homes, schools, and cruise ships. • Norovirus can stay on objects and surfaces and still infect people after days or weeks. • Norovirus can survive some disinfectants, making it hard to get rid of. Norovirus can spread in many ways Norovirus can spread to others by— • eating food or drinking liquids that are contaminated with norovirus, • touching surfaces or objects that have norovirus on them then putting your fingers in your mouth, and • having close personal contact with an infected person, for example, caring for or sharing food, drinks, or eating utensils with an infected person. There’s no vaccine to prevent norovirus infection and no drug to treat it • Antibiotics will not help with norovirus illness because antibiotics do not work on viruses. • When you have norovirus illness, drink plenty of liquids to replace fluid loss and prevent dehydration. • If you or someone you are caring for is dehydrated, call a doctor. National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases Division of Viral Disea...
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