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Unformatted text preview: ." "cdpGlobalRun" "" "cdpGlobalMessageInterval" "" "cdpGlobalHoldTime" "" "cdpGlobalDeviceId" "" "cdpGlobalLastChange" "" "cdpGlobalDeviceIdFormatCpb" "" "cdpGlobalDeviceIdFormat" "" "ciscoCdpMIBCompliances" "" "ciscoCdpMIBGroups" "" "ciscoCdpMIBCompliance" "" "ciscoCdpMIBComplianceV11R01" "" "ciscoCdpMIBComplianceV11R02" "" "ciscoCdpMIBComplianceV12R02" "" "ciscoCdpMIBCompliance5" "" "ciscoCdpMIBComplianceV12R03" "" "ciscoCdpMIBGroup" "" "ciscoCdpMIBGroupV11R01" "" "ciscoCdpMIBGroupV11R02" "" "ciscoCdpMIBGroupV12R02" "" "ciscoCdpV2MIBGroup" "" "ciscoCdpV2IfExtGroup" "" "ciscoCdpCtAddressGroup" "" "ciscoCdpMIBGroupV12R03" "" b) Which of the network management tool(s) that you are familiar with can be used to access this information conveniently and how? A network management tool that can be used is a net­snmp MIBbrowser that allow you to pull data from SNMP enabled devices c) In what way is this information useful as far as network management is concerned? I. II. III. IV. Allow systems using different n...
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