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Unformatted text preview: etwork­layer protocols to learn about each other assists in troubleshooting in typed length values fields Functions with SNMP to learn SNMP agent addresses and to send SNMP queries Facilitates managing Cisco devices by discovering them and how they are configured Question 2: Cisco NetFlow a) Describe the roles of the three components of CISCO NetFlow, namely, Flow catching, Flow collector and Data analyzer. Flow catching This is the process where all packets with the same source/destination IP address, source/destination ports, protocol interface and class of service are grouped into a flow and then packets and bytes are tallied. This methodology of fingerprinting or determining a flow is scalable because a large amount of network information is condensed into a database of NetFlow information called the NetFlow cache. Flow collector Cisco NetFlow Collector (NFC) is a best­in­class data collection and aggregation product that provides a centralized view of data analysis and reporting. NFC enables enterprises and service providers to optimize network infrastructure for application delivery and network capacity planning. In addition, NFC capacitates business support applications, such as usage­based billing and Service Level Objective (SLO) monitoring Data analyzer NetFlow Analyzer is a netflow monitoring tool which collects NetFlow packets or other supported flows exported from enterprise routers and switches, generating network traffic reports that help understand the nature of the network traffic and the bandwidth utilization, thus helpful in traffic analysis and bandwidth monitoring. This tool enable you to analyze the traffic on your network by showing the users, protocols, and more. With netflow analyzer, you can view the types of traffic (web, mail, FTP, peer­to­peer, and so on) that are on the network, also which devices are using most of the traffic. b) Describe the applicability of CISCO Netflow protocol to network management functions (e.g. performanc...
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