Even though the evidence shows that customers are not

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Unformatted text preview: a convenient place, where you can meet people and move on and the coffee was just good. 3. Why has Starbucks customer satisfaction scores declined? Has the company’s service declined, or is it simply measuring customer satisfaction the wrong way? Unfortunately, with the data available it is extremely hard to say whether the company’s service has declined or if there is something wrong with the way that customer satisfaction is measured. Even though the evidence shows that customers are not as satisfied as before, this does not necessarily mean that the service has declined. It might as well mean that the expectations of the customers have been raised due to competition or marketing or any other external forces. In order to make a fair assessment of the situation however, I will try to examine all possibilities starting from the way the customer satisfaction is measured. The Customer Snapshot mystery shopper program is a subjective measure to record results. If there is a more than one mystery shopper visiting a coffee store, then there might be inconsistency between the different mystery shoppers regarding the definition of the criteria. For example, it appears that there is not enough explanation as to what exactly is defined as clean. Is a store considered to be clean when it appears tidy and smells nice but there are two empty beverages on one table? For Mystery Shopper X, this can be considered clean, but for Mystery Shopper Y this can be considered dirty. This inconsistency could also be visible within different stores. A lot of times, a mystery shopper goes to the store with the predisposition to examine different things during his stay in the store. In order to be able to see more consistent results and be able to compare, I would like to see how customers would respond to certain criteria right after their Starbucks experience (survey outside store). One other thing that I would like to see in the research is the breakdown of customers by number of visits per month. Even though the research breaks down the...
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