Lets now see why the customer satisfaction

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Unformatted text preview: sample by new and established customers, it would make sense to see what percentage of the new customers are regulars and what their attitude towards Starbucks is. Instead what we see is all the new customers clustered together and taking the average of them to determine the overall opinion of Starbucks. Both of these are just assumptions as to what could have been wrong with the way Starbucks is measuring its customer satisfaction. Again, these assumptions are based on the evidence available in the case. Let’s now see why the customer satisfaction scores have declined. A very possible explanation to this could be because of the growing customer base. As it is suggested in Exhibit 8 of the case, the less satisfied customers are the new customers that have visited Starbucks for the first time within the past year. On the other hand, the established customers (first visited Starbucks 5+ years ago) appear to have a better overall opinion about Starbucks. This does not necessarily mean that the service of Starbucks has changed. It rather more closely leads to the conclusion that the new customers have higher expectations which could have been a result of more information available, getting used to the coffee experience culture, more competitors available. To make myself clearer I will provide an explanation of this with an example. Starbucks coffee store on Indiana Avenue in Bloomington IN. has been offering the same consistent level of service to its customers since its opening in 1994. All the customers are greeted with their first name, and all the customers are served within 3 minutes after they arrive in the store. Mr. John has been a regular visitor of this Starbucks location since its opening and is extremely satisfied with the service. Mr. Steve, decided to visit Starbucks for the first time a few months ago, towards the end of 2001. Mr. Steve was a regular of Dunkin Donuts where he would be greeted every day with his first and last name, the barista knew exactly what beverage he wanted, and he was a...
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