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Unformatted text preview: in an environment that govern the behavior of a population of organizations ORGANIZATIONAL BIRTH ORGANIZATIONAL Organizational birth: the founding of an organization Occurs when managers take advantage of their skills and competences to create value – – – A dangerous life cycle stage associated with the greatest chance of failure Dangers are great because of the liability of newness. Liability of newness: the dangers associated with being the first in a new environment ORGANIZATIONAL BIRTH ORGANIZATIONAL 3. A list of all the functional and organizational resources that will be required to implement the new product idea successfully 4. A timeline that contains specific milestones for the managers and others to use to measure the progress of the venture Greiner’s Model of Organizational Growth Greiner’s five stages include: Greiner’s five stages include: Stage 1: Growth through creativity – Managers develop the skills to create and introduce new products. – Crisis of leadership Stage 2:Growth through direction – Crisis of leadership results in recruitment of top management. – They take responsibility for company’s strategy. – Crisis of autonomy – professional managers only running the show Greiner’s Model Greiner’s Stage 3: Growth through de...
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