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Crisisofredtape stage5growththroughcollaboration

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Unformatted text preview: legation – To solve crisis of autonomy, managers must delegate. – Result is crisis of control as managers compete with other functional managers Stage 4: Growth through coordination – To resolve crisis of control, managers must find right balance of centralized and decentralized control. – Crisis of red tape Stage 5: Growth through collaboration Stage 6 : Growth through extra­organizational solution Greiner’s Model Greiner’s Figure: Organizational Birth Rates Over Time Rates SURVIVAL STRATEGIES SURVIVAL Two sets of strategies that organizations can use to gain access to resources and enhance their chances of survival in the environment: 1. r­strategy versus K­strategy 2. Spet strategy versus Generalist strategy SURVIVAL STRATEGIES SURVIVAL 1) 2) Entering a new environment early Entering an environment late, after other organizations have tested the environment 3) Concentrate their skills to pursue a narrow range of resources in a single niche (spet) 4) Spread their skills thin to compete for a broad range of resources in many niches (generalist) Developing a Plan for a New Business Business Included in the business plan should be the same basic elements as in the product development plan: 1. A statement of the organization’s mission, goals, and financial objectives 2. A statement of the organization’s strategic objectives, including an analysis of the product’s market potential, based on a SWOT analysis ORGANIZATIONAL INERTIA ORGANIZATIONAL Organizational inertia: forces inside an organization that make it res...
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