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Unformatted text preview: of credibility has increased. INTERNAL PRESSURES INTERNAL Pressure Growth pressures Description Existing systems and processes in an organization may no longer be applicable when the size of the organization increases. Integration and Integration and creating economies of scale can collaboration lead to pressure for change in organizations. pressures Identity pressures A common organizational identity and the unified commitment of staff in different areas/departments of an organization can be difficult to manage and may encourage change. INTERNAL PRESSURES INTERNAL Pressure Description New broom pressures Change at the senior management level – particularly of CEO - can often be a catalyst for significant changes in an organization. Power and political pressures Power relationships and politicking can change internal processes and decision making. THE ORGANIZATIONAL LIFE CYCLE THE Organizational life cycle: a sequence of stages of growth and development through which organizations may pass The four principal stages of the organizational life cycle: 1. 2. 3. 4. Birth Growth Decline Death ORGANIZATIONAL LIFE CYCLE ORGANIZATIONAL The Institutional Theory of Organizational Growth Organizational Organizational growth: the life­cycle stage in which organizations develop value­creation skills and competences that allow them to acquire additional resources Institutional theory: a theory that studies how organizations can increase their ability to grow and survive in a competitive environment by satisfying their stakeholders Institutional environment: values and norms...
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