Chapter 3 - The Role of Change Agents

Leadersfailto understandtheirrolein leadingchange

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Unformatted text preview: orkhorse PROBLEM CHILD control guide motivate COSTELLO (1994) Innovator Early adopters 2.5% 13.55% Early Majority 30% Late majority 30% Laggards 24% 10 20 30 40 50 Percentage of Acceptance Toward Change Groups level of acceptance (source:Manns and Linda, 2004 Learn how to avoid the four common mistakes made in managing change The scope of the change is misdiagnosed. Leaders fail to understand their role in leading change. Change is viewed as an event rather than a process. The human element of change is not adequately addressed. C. A. Schifman and Company C. A. Schifman and Company www.DevelopingPeople­ Learn how to navigate the Change Management Curve C. A. Schifman and Company C. A. Schifman and Company www.Devel...
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