Chapter 6 - The Soft & The Hard Dimension

2human resource decisions closely resourcefunctions

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Unformatted text preview: s. 2)Human resource decisions closely resource functions. flow that refers to related to human Continue… Continue… 3)Reward systems that are concerned with both tangibles and intangibles rewards. 4)Work systems, which are closely related with the design of work, alignment of people and the compatibility between technological applications with human needs. THE FIVE C’s IN MANAGING CHANGE MANAGING 1) Competence of employees 2) Commitment of employees 3) Congruence of organizations’ and Congruence employees’ goals employees’ 4) Cost effectiveness 5) Concerned for people The vice -pre s ide nt of huma n re s ource s a t Toyota Motor Ma nufa cturing in Ge orge town, Ke ntucky ha d me ntione d: me “Employees are behind our success. Machines don’t have new ideas, solve problems, or grasp opportunities. Only employees who are involved and the thinking can make a difference… Every auto plant in the U.S. has basically the same machinery. But how employees are utilized and involved varies widely from one organization to another. The workforce gives any organization its true competitive edge.” E xa mple s of huma nis tic culture tha t s hould be de ve lope d by ma na ge rs : be Employees have the freedom and feel Employees comfortable in voicing out their ideas and dissatisfaction. dissatisfaction. Balance between work and family orientation. Employees in the organization are consi...
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