Chapter 6 - The Soft & The Hard Dimension

Developing a sense of brotherhood among internal and

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Unformatted text preview: dered Employees as big organizational family members. Developing a sense of brotherhood among internal and external stakeholders. internal Provide facilities for a bias free work area Provide regardless of race, colour, religion, culture or creed. Continue… Continue… The organization should allow for the use of The discretion when dealing with employees’ emotions. The compensation policy rewards employees’ based on the combination of productivity, education, experience, seniority and place in the hierarchy, yet does not create unnecessary gaps between employees. All employees will have the opportunity to attend personal enrichments programs. attend Guest (1989), organizations utilizing the soft dimension of managing employees are expected to display the following characteristics: display Higher rates of employment stability. Lower levels of turnover, absenteeism and job dissatisfaction. dissatisfaction. Higher levels of manager training in employee relations and general staff training. Existence of policies on Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) for example paid maternity leave and special programs for people with disability. people Continue… Continue… Develop better employee relationships Develop through empowerment. through Sharing and providing people with Sharing information across functions. information Developing high performance work Developing teams. CHANGE: WHY N...
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