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shoulds oughts and musts inferred from our

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Unformatted text preview: d hear…language, objects, jargon, objects, wa ys of dressing RITUALS How do we do things…meetings, celebrations ROLE MODELS Who are our heroes/heroines PRACTICES Overt behaviors to demonstrate values VALUES What we believe in.. shoulds, oughts, and musts inferred from our behaviours PRACTICES Overt behaviors to demonstrate values UNDERLYING ASSUMPTIONS ways of perceiving, thinking and evaluating the world around us Stories, Ceremonies, and Organizational Language Organizational Organizations use several types of ceremonial rites to communicate cultural norms and values. Rites of passage ­ mark an individual’s entry to, promotion in, and departure from the organization Organizational Rites Organizational Rites of integration – shared announcements of organizational success, office parties and cookouts (picnic) Rites of enhancement – award dinners, newspaper releases, and employee promotions TYPES OF CULTURAL INTERFACE AT THE Malaysian WORKPLACE INTRA CULTURAL Within one ethnic group INTER CULTURAL CROSS CULTURAL With different ethnic groups within a country e.g. Malays, Chinese Indians and Others Between two different cultures e.g. Malaysian and Americans/ Australians/ Germans/ Canadians/ British 3 TYPES OF CULTURAL INTERFACE INTRACULTRAL INTERCULTURAL CROSS CULTURAL With foreigners Group orientation Politeness Respect for elders Religious Status Segregation of sexes Compromising Patriotic Give and Take Slow, unhurried...
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