Chapter 8 - Managing Organisational Culture

For example the acquisition of assertive skills in

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Unformatted text preview: sian glocal managers have to strategies in overcoming the challenges Strategy 1 Review the state of readiness of the workforce at all levels and develop strategies on how to creatively translate these new work­related values so that they become part of the unconscious behaviors of Malaysian. This is important as not all Malaysian, especially those in non­management category, are exposed to foreign work standards. In this case, it is essential that Malaysian managers begin to provide opportunities for them to broaden their knowledge and experience to different work cultures through study visits, job attachments and boundary­crossing experiences. Cont.. Cont.. Strategy 2 • Examine their own culture realities and how their roots or values affect their management style. Transplanting a set of ideas and techniques which have originated from “foreign soil” can only be successfully implemented if they are congruent and in harmony with our core values. • If not, these imported ideas will not be able to thrive on their own. While the learning experience in the training room is fun, the successful application back on the job remains doubtful. • For example, the acquisition of assertive skills in communication taught in class can only be demonstrate in a work environment where supervisors are willing to accept counter viewpoints from their subordinate. Cont.. Strategy 3 Strategy 3 • Any work methods relating to performance management can only be in...
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