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Chapter 8 - Managing Organisational Culture


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Unformatted text preview: acement of current work rituals which are non­productive and of low value­added but serve to elevate the status of certain individuals in the hierarchy. 3. Improvement, enhancement and strengthening of positive culture­based values which can be harnessed at the global workplace. 4. Planting new values and providing a conducive and nurturing environment for them to grow, survive and flourish. Can Organizational Culture be Managed? Managed? Changing a culture can be very difficult as it is hard to understand how the previous four factors interact. Major alterations are sometimes needed. Some ways culture can be changed: – – – Redesign structure Revise property rights used to motivate people Change the people – especially top management Strategies to Overcome Cultural Differences Challenges Differences However, being able to describe and interpret our own culture to others alone will not be enough, as we go global, we have to follow the ‘rules of the game’ of the global society. Thus, Malay...
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